Friday, December 11, 2009

Doors made EZI!

We will add more extensive reviews of door products over time, but here is a general run down on some of the many door options we have available.

We have also included our 'EZIKIT Product Rating' Chart to help you decide what is best for you...

Take a look at to see a listing of our current colour ranges.

Vinyl Wrapped
Vinyl Wrapped Doors, also known as Thermolaminated, are currently revolutionising the kitchen design market. With a huge and ever increasing range of colours & finishes, they are considered to be one of the most flexible products available.

Their ability to be profiled in contemporary and traditional styles means they are suitable in almost any kitchen. Their process of manufacture ensures a seamless quality finish, with an easy to clean surface.

Available in Textured, Satin, Woodgrain, High Gloss & Metallic finishes. Take a look at the ‘Vinyl Wrap’ section of our showroom to see many of the finishes available.

PVC Edged
Our PVC edged doors are a hard wearing, yet economical door available in a huge range of colours and woodgrains. With the addition of 'sheen' to the range, you can have a gloss kitchen with matching edges at much less cost to traditional gloss kitchens.
The clean square lines of the PVC door range will suit any modern kitchen design. Take a look at the ‘PVC Edged’ section of our showroom to see the finishes available.

Solid Timber
Solid timber continues to be a favourite amongst many who will only ever be happy with the real thing. With such a beautiful range of timbers here in Tasmania you can take the warmth and richness of our heritage into your home.

Tasmania Oak, Blackwood, Myrtle & Radiata Pine are among the most popular local timber species, with other species also available on request. These timbers can be incorporated into modern & traditional door designs to suit any kitchen.

Aluminium Doors
Aluminium Doors have quickly become a standard feature of modern kitchens. With a great range of acrylic, mirror, metallic & mesh inserts available, your creativity is the only limit to the effect you can achieve.

What goes into an EZIKIT Kitchen?

The EZIKIT System is the leading self-assembly kitchen system in
Tasmania, and offers great value considering the quality of materials and
hardware used.

Below is a list of what you can expect to find in an EZIKIT Kitchen.

• EZIKIT Kitchens are custom designed and locally made to suit your home.
• Cabinet components are manufactured from 16mm Moisture Resistant
melamine with hard wearing PVC edging.
• All cabinets have solid 16mm backs for strength and ease of installation.
• EZIKIT's unique assembly system combines the ultimate in strength with simplicity to ensure your kitchen goes together square.
• Shelving is fully adjustable.
• Drawers are metal sided, load rated to 25kg, with a self closing feature,
made by Hettich.
• Doors include a fully adjustable hinge system, also by Hettich.
• Cupboards come with adjustable legs allowing for simple levelling of
cupboards, and kickboard installation.
• Each cabinet component is supplied drilled, edged and labelled and packaged to simplify assembly.

All EZIKIT Customers automatically join our Customer Care program to ensure that the best service is combined with the best product!

Instructions for installation are provided, along with the support of our
knowledgeable staff who will be happy to give advice to assist you with your
assembly and installation. You can also book in for one of our popular (and FREE!) training courses!

EZIKIT Kitchens are packed for safe transportation, and can be delivered
Australia wide.

Visit for further information!